About US


Afrika Bizizi Distribution Ltd (ABD) is a film distribution company that distributes African narrative fiction, documentary, and animation films of any genre produced by African filmmakers living in Africa and the Diaspora in cinemas, televisions, and streaming platforms, founded by the award-winning Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Film Professor and  Political Scientist, Ne Kunda Nlaba, winner of the Artistic and Cultural Achievement Award at the Lambeth Civic Awards 2024 in London.

We are a private company registered in England and Wales. No: 09512998

Our aims:

- We aim to allow African filmmakers to distribute their films not only in Africa but around the world.

- Connect African filmmakers with the audience

- Solve the issues of the lack of distribution of African films

- Help the public from the UK, EU, U.S., and from around the world to discover and explore African cultures through films. 

Over the past few years, we distributed our films at film festivals around the world, on TV5 Monde, streaming platforms including Amazon Prime, KweliTV, Apple TV, Tubi, Xumo, Box Brazil play, First Screen, Popsy On Plex, Cineverse, Rlaxx, Mometu, In Spades TV, OTT Studio, Hoopla, Future Today, African Diaspora Network and many more; and organised private screenings at cinemas.  

As part of our activities, we have recently launched the London Pan-African Film Festival (London PAFF) which takes place at the West Norwood Picturehouse, in Lambeth, in London in October of each year. 

The London International Pan-African Film Festival (London PAFF) is an annual film event in the city of London that celebrates Pan-African cinema and screens films produced in Africa and its Diaspora from all over the world.